Toy Music Box Remix by Hessive

2017-01-26 13:42:59 by JBeat2k9

Hey guys 'n' girls!

Hessive has remixed my track "Toy Music Box", and if you liked my version, you're going to bloody LOVE his version. Transformative work at it's best. He has expanded on it, and has asked for the stems for it, perhaps to do further work on it. I will keep you posted, but if you want to be kept up to date on it real-time, go heart the guy immediately! 


His profile is at -

and his incredibly chill remix is at -

Go show this guy some love!

I hope you all had a wicked Christmas and New Year!



Here's the update, peepz! <3

Thank you all so much for your support!



Just to address the zero-bombing going on right now

2016-02-04 18:22:02 by JBeat2k9

Hey folks! :D

So it looks like most of my tracks have been dropping in rating considerably. Someone has taken a disliking to me for some reason, and my ratings have dropped because of it. 

Just to reassure you, this will not stop me posting, and has only really served to help me make things better before posting them. Whoever you are, I'm sorry you don't like me/my stuff. If you are willing to contact me directly to tell me where I went wrong, your correspondence will not be met with hostility.

If it makes it any easier for you, feel free to make another account so that your current one stays anonymous, and contact me through that.

To the rest of you, rest assured that I will continue to post music to the portal, I will continue to read all of your comments (no exceptions - I read ALL reviews), and will respond to them all. 

Until my next post, I hope you like my recent stuff and continue to be f*ckin' awesome. Nearly all of you have been an enormous inspiration, and it's thanks to you guys that I've posted anything recently. <3



Hey folks! :D

2011-07-29 12:57:36 by JBeat2k9

Version 4.5 (EXPERIMENTAL) of the Keep Me Hangin' On Remix I'm making for you guys is LIVE! :D Yaaaay!


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