Entry #1

Hey folks! :D

2011-07-29 12:57:36 by JBeat2k9

Version 4.5 (EXPERIMENTAL) of the Keep Me Hangin' On Remix I'm making for you guys is LIVE! :D Yaaaay!



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2014-02-20 18:51:02

Checked out your channel really quick while in the midst of emailing people about the new milestone.
Abobos's adventure looks pretty awesome. I kinda thought that game was only a joke and not an actual game. Is that a megaman level in the preview image? It looks like something techno-awesome-looking. K. Check your inbox for details!

JBeat2k9 responds:

Thank you for checking out my channel! ^^ ABA was a LOT of fun, and I do actually plan on playing it through again as an ironman run, which should be fun!

The megaman level was insanely difficult at some parts, but all in all it proved to be more fun than frustrating! :D


2015-05-24 16:44:22

like ur channel m8

JBeat2k9 responds:

Thanks, Optimize! ^^ Really happy that you like my stuff!


2016-01-25 21:48:07

"JK FlipFlop has subscribed to you!"

Yeah, that's just me.