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Total Medals Earned: 2,288 (From 473 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 33,935 Points

Colony Defenders TD2

Medals Earned: 1/16 (5/340 points)

First Blood 5 Points

Kill your first swarm invader

Blood on the Field 5 Points

Kill 500 swarm invaders

Impatient 5 Points

Rush the next wave 10 times

Rookie Drill 5 Points

Collect 2000 minreals

Builder 10 Points

Build a turret on all possible points in a given level

Diamond Drill 10 Points

Collect 20000 minreals

Exterminator 10 Points

Kill 5000 swarm invaders

Fearless 10 Points

Rush the next wave 15 times in the same level

Fried Swarm 10 Points

Kill 40 swarm invaders with tesla strikes

Rain of Rockets 10 Points

Kill 100 swarm invaders with rocket strikes

Total Turret Upgrade 10 Points

Fully upgrade and energize a defense turret

3 Stars Defender 25 Points

Complete 3 levels with 3 stars

Flawless 25 Points

Complete 3 levels without taking any damage

Total Field Upgrade 50 Points

Build fully upgraded and energized turrets on all points in a given level

Victory 50 Points

Complete the game

Annihilation 100 Points

Complete the game with 3 stars on each level


Medals Earned: 4/6 (45/195 points)

Tin Foil Woman 5 Points

Killing the first boss!

Twig Arm Man 5 Points

Killing the second boss!

Flag Man 10 Points

Killing the third boss!

Gabe The Ape 25 Points

Killing the fourth boss!

Limited Viking 50 Points

Killing the fifth boss!

Boss with boobs 100 Points

Killing the main boss!

Confused Travolta Clicker EXTREME

Medals Earned: 3/6 (250/500 points)

Cleaner 50 Points

Collect all items from the apartment

Lustful 100 Points

Pleasure Ruth

Sensual 100 Points

Pleasure Daphne

TravoltaZilla 50 Points

Destroy a city

Peace in the sector 100 Points

Win the interplanetary war

Shit bricks 100 Points

When he sees it....


Medals Earned: 1/15 (5/375 points)

Aries 5 Points

Completed the Aries constellation.

Cancer 10 Points

Completed the Cancer constellation.

Capricornus 10 Points

Completed the Capricornus constellation.

Leo 10 Points

Completed the Leo constellation.

Libra 10 Points

Completed the Libra constellation.

Pisces 10 Points

Completed the Pisces constellation.

Scorpius 10 Points

Completed the Scorpius constellation.

Taurus 10 Points

Completed the Taurus constellation.

Aquarius 25 Points

Completed the Aquarius constellation.

Gemini 25 Points

Completed the Gemini constellation.

Sagittarius 25 Points

Completed the Sagittarius constellation.

Virgo 25 Points

Completed the Virgo constellation.

500 Shots 50 Points

Shoot 500 rays of lights.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!


Medals Earned: 3/20 (15/190 points)

Criminal Helper 5 Points

He was probably just borrowing the plane anyway.

Happy Guy Fro 5 Points

Don't be hatin'! Afros are hip, yo.

Right Sister 5 Points

I was never good at remembering names.



Be Upfront 5 Points

It's a trick question anyway!

Cookie Monster 5 Points

Me want cookie!!

Cookie Sacrifice 5 Points

The ultimate sacrifice, if you ask me!

Creeper 5 Points

Staring is caring! (Ssssss...)

Happy Clown 5 Points

He has his nose back!

Justice Served 5 Points

Go get 'em, Officer Adrian!

Lazy Developer 5 Points


Life Insurance 5 Points

That would be least of my worries, if I were a zombie!

Persistence 5 Points

But there's something wrong!

Sad Clown 5 Points

Aw, poor clown.

The Boss 5 Points

IGP is the b055!

The Fat One 5 Points

Not the most appropriate thing to say!

TV Star 5 Points

He's on channel 1337.

Wink Wink 5 Points

That's a good way to end a conversation.

Everyone's Happy 50 Points

You're a very kind person!

Everyone's Sad 50 Points

It's all part of the game!


Medals Earned: 8/10 (85/115 points)

Cookie Crumble Time! 5 Points

Start Game !

My First Baker! 5 Points

Buy for the first time 1 baker!

My First Cookie! 5 Points

Click The Big Cookie For The First Time!

My First Girl Scout! 5 Points

Buy for the first time 1 Girl Scout!

My First Upgrade! 5 Points

Buy mouse upgrade for the first time!

Girl Scouts Unlocked! 10 Points

Buy 10 Bakers!Unlock Girl Scouts!

Cookie Tree Unlocked! 25 Points

Unlock Cookie Trees! have an income of 50$!

Shops Are Now Open! 25 Points

Unlock Stores ! Have atleast 10 Girl Scouts and 50$ income!

Crumble this Humble Cookie Game! 5 Points

Erase your game data!

Cookie Factory Unlocked! 25 Points

Unlock Cookie Factory! have an income of 150$exactly amount no more or less!

Core (NG)

Medals Earned: 2/6 (35/110 points)

First Steps 10 Points

Complete level 6

Not Bad 25 Points

Complete two-thirds of the levels

Novice 25 Points

End the game with over 3 million points

Complete 50 Points

Complete all twenty levels

Expert 0 Points

End the game with over 10 million points

Pro! 0 Points

End the game with over 20 million points

Cosmic Clicks

Medals Earned: 6/6 (500/500 points)

Like a Rock 50 Points

All Hull Upgrades

V-Max 50 Points

All Engine Upgrades

Hello Dave 100 Points

All Computer and Scanner Upgrades

Systems Go 100 Points

All Shield and Beam Upgrades

Warp Factored 100 Points

All Hyperdrive Upgrades

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Crash Town 2

Medals Earned: 2/15 (10/440 points)

Save the day 5 Points

Complete a level with 3 stars.

Trukin 5 Points

Help a semi truck arrive safely.

Kill everybody 5 Points

Finish a level with 3 skulls.

Doing it right 10 Points

Complete 10 levels with 3 stars.

Doing it wrong 10 Points

Finish 10 levels with 3 skulls.

Healthcare 10 Points

Save 3 ambulances in one level.

Safe neighborhood 10 Points

All residential levels with 1 star or better.

Skids 10 Points

Get 3 skulls using only oil spots.

Bus stop 25 Points

Destroy 5 buses in one level.

Firefighters 25 Points

Save 5 firefighter trucks in one level.

Safe downtown 25 Points

All commercial levels with 1 star or better.

Serial killer 50 Points

Finish 25 levels with 3 skulls.

Star collector 50 Points

Complete 25 levels with 3 stars.

Lord of evil 100 Points

Finish all 45 levels with 3 skulls.

Lord of good 100 Points

Complete all 45 levels with 3 stars.

Crazy Shark Ball 2

Medals Earned: 5/15 (40/485 points)

Level 2 5 Points

Reach level 2!

Level 3 5 Points

Reach level 3!

Level 4 10 Points

Reach level 4!

Level 5 10 Points

Reach level 5!

Level 6 10 Points

Reach level 6!

Level 7 10 Points

Reach level 7!

Level 8 10 Points

Reach level 8!

Level 10 25 Points

Reach level 10!

Level 11 25 Points

Reach level 11!

Level 9 25 Points

Reach level 9!

150000 50 Points

Reach a score of over 150000!

300000 50 Points

Reach a score of over 300000!

Level 12 50 Points

Reach level 12!

450000 100 Points

Reach a score of over 450000!

Level 13 100 Points

Reach level 13!