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Nightmare Cops Nightmare Cops

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I love this. I'm getting a very neo-future-cop-Ryu vibe from him. Awesome ink work dude!

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Here's an honest criticism for you, unlike what you left for me on something I actually worked hard to make.

MS paint base 10 second job with no effort made, what-so-ever, to present the world with something worthwhile. Absolute crap. Blam this immediately, please, newgrounds.

for the record, this guy voted my track a zero without leaving any semblance of criticism, constructive or otherwise. Just a zero and a dot in the review section. I truly don't mind if someone dislikes my work, but to vote it zero with no reason other than to be a troll is harmful to the creative community that gives you guys free shit. If I can make my stuff better, I'll do anything I can, hence why CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is so important. If you can give me an idea as to how to improve something you hate, maybe I can improve it in such a way that you like it? Who knows unless you actually tell us.

And before you ask, yes. I'm mad.

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Josef-Eliasson responds:

This was not made in MS paint. You cannot tell which program was used to create a picture just by looking at it.

JJ is truely beautiful and not crap.

Blamming is certainly just for the flash portal. On the art portal there is something called approved artists. It works like a filter that gives real artists permission to the art portal. I do not have that which means this is not even on the art portal. You should not beg about lower grades if the submission already has the lowerest.

It is sad that you have got a review that pissed you off. I know how it feels now when I have got this review from you. I can just say that I have never reviewed your stuff nor voted on them. This probably just makes you more upset.

Also, along with this long review you have left me you did not include any hint of constructive criticism. I do not want constructive criticism but treat others a way you clearly state is wrong can get people a bit upset.


breathe in, exhale. breathe in, exhale.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Oh, it's ok, I didn't want to sleep anyway.

Ass Track Ass Track

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Does Rowan have Trichatillomania? I notice at the right side of her head she has no hair. Is this by choice by you as an artist,representing a style, or is Trich a character trait of Rowan's?

XxThumbsuckerxX responds:

ahaha it does look like that doesn't it? mmm It's actually just a very very poor style choice I used to pursue. Instead of getting an undercut I would just buzz the side of my head & leave some hair to play with. I still secretly adore it so I keep it on Rowan. x